Enforcement Actions - IPR Investigations

Enforcement Actions

While an in-depth investigation is a pre-requisite for a successful raid action, a thorough follow up on the prosecution thereafter is its post requisite. Its only when these two fundamental parameters are met with, a tab on the grey marketers on a realistic mode can be claimed with. At 11Juris, grasping these mandates, the modus operandi for each enforcement actions right from the stage of investigation to providing court assistance post the enforcement action, is being formulated.

IPR investigations

Investigation on intellectual property right requires the same level of intellectual understanding for conducting such investigations as against the routine ones. At 11Juris, strict adherence of the applicable requisites for fructifying investigations are being carried on which ensures a cent per cent success rate. Not only strenuous investigation, surveillance and other ancillary activities are being undertaken to convert a lead into a successful raid action, but also a follow up check on the target units are being continued so as to regulate and monitor the deterrence created by such raid actions even after. Routine market visits and random investigations is a regular task of the investigative team apart from the explicit investigation on the leads. The team is specialized to identify counterfeit products across several industries ranging from books, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronic gadgets, consumer durables, edibles, etc. while intriguing the minute details of the products. Regular trainings on product differentiation and investigation augmentation are catered so as to leverage the client needs.